MOH Professional 60

Crystal-clear audio, simple operation and longwearing durability

Now it is possible to quickly and conveniently email an MP3 file directly to a Message On-Hold Player with no interaction by the end user. No special software to download, just prepare an email like you do everyday of your life and click send! Send it from your office desktop, from your laptop on the beach, or from your tablet before your flight takes off. The proactive MOH Professional 60 notifies you when a function has taken place and gives you a status report of your playlist, your scheduled audio, right down to the core temperature of the unit. MOH Professional 60 restarts in case of power failure. The MOH Professional 60 is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

Interactive Network Message On-Hold-System
- Rugged Aluminium case
- Simply send an email to the player to change the audio
- No special software to learn or buy
- No server required

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