Universal Dimmer

4-way IP Universal Dimmer

The Sallegra® 4-way Universal Dimmer is suitable for all common dimmable light sources and is controlled via Ethernet interface. 4 separate dimmer inputs and outputs are available, which can be loaded with 570 W each. The control circuits automatically detect the connected load and switch accordingly automatically from trailing edge to leading edge technology and control the light source with a suitable control characteristic.

Using DIP switches the optimal dimming type can be allocated for known light sources.

Control of:

  • Energy saving light bulbs and LED Retrofit lamps
  • Incandescent lamps and high-voltage halogen lamps
  • Low-voltage halogen lamp with magnetic and electronic transformer


  • High-quality metal housing with aluminium cooler for a low fire load and long life
  • Easy assembly on DIN rail 35 mm
  • Ethernet interface with 2 integrated LED`s
  • 4 completely separate dimming channels
  • Flicker-free dimming range
  • Parallel connection of 2 dimming channels for enhance performance
  • Integrated one-button manual operation per channel
  • Status display per channel
  • Supports parallel connection of load
  • Automatic load detection (leading edge, trailing edge)
  • Galvanic isolation between the load circuits
  • Excess voltage detection, excess power and temperature protection
  • Automatic detection of line frequency
  • Scene function
  • 2 independent sequences per channel