LCD control element with 6 buttons and EnOcean® wireless technology

Easy, inexpensive and flexible installation due to wireless technology!

The Sallegra® control element is used for room automation. It has six buttons and is used for temperature measurement, setting of presence and absence as well as room setpoint correction and controlling light, shade, blinds, hot/cold temperature, ventilation, etc. You receive status information on the condition of the room via LC display.

The control element can be mounted easily and inexpensively because it is wireless and communicates via the EnOcean® wireless protocol. No walls need to be broken up and replastered. Power is supplied from the integrated photovoltaic cell, thus no battery is required.

The Sallegra® control element is supplied without frame, which can be bought anywhere due to the standard internal dimension of 55 x 55 mm.


  • Easy assembly due to wireless technology
  • Communication via EnOcean® wireless protocol
  • Supply voltage from integrated solar panel (battery operation optional)
  • Device is used with transparent front, suitable for frames with an opening of 55 x 55 mm
  • LC display for status information on the condition of the room
  • Individual adjustment of the room climate
  • Setting the operating mode for occupancy and control of a 3-speed fan
  • Light control On/Off/Dimming
  • Blinds control