Sallegra® Multitouch displays are real all-rounders which do not even have to be programmed. Equipped with only a few network parameters, they communicate with the Sallegra® automation controllers and build the corresponding visualization themselves. This means that no servicing and maintenance is necessary.

The system is currently the only system worldwide where the user can set all the required device parameters himself – no special software for the definition of scenarios is required as this is all done by the visualization.

The Sallegra® automation system currently supports the following field bus systems:

  • Sallegra® IP sensors and actuators
  • KNX
  • Sallegra® 2-wire bus
  • EnOcean
  • DALI
  • Modbus
  • and many more

Sallegra® is pre-integrated for the entire product range of Satelco AG and René Koch AG, which means that hardware from our group of companies does not need to be reintegrated and tested for each customer.
This enables fast and trouble-free planning and installation at the end customer.

The Sallegra® building automation system has a wide range of applications that can be scaled to the smallest detail: from mini systems with a single actuator to industrial applications with thousands of actuators and numerous functions and subsystems – everything can be configured individually and tailored to the precise requirements.

Thus Sallegra® is as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife.

And there is another advantage which should not to be underestimated: The system has an excellent price-performance ratio, so that it is even interesting for amateurs wanting to get to grips with building automation. (The entry level costs about 2500 CHF for a small family home.)

A factor not to be underestimated is that the entire Sallegra® IO’s can be easily addressed in various ways with an open protocol:

  • via scripts (Windows / OSX / Linux ... )
  • via browser and HTML
  • via Automation software (XML / SNMP)
  • via browser directly from the interface

Thus the Sallegra® IO’s can also be used without any difficulty by other manufacturers and automation systems.