Sallegra Smart Video Server Serie 2020

The Sallegra® IP Video Server has been designed specifically for small affordable video surveillance systems in residential buildings and is the ideal security add-on for the Satelco IP Video intercom portfolio. With the Sallegra® IP Video Server you will never ever have to lose sight of your front door or your yard again!

Thanks to its small and compact design that does not require cooling, the device can be housed in the control cabinet or used as a tabletop unit.

The Sallegra® IP Video Server supports up to 4 video camera sources of your choice (IP video intercoms, IP cams, etc.) and can be configured so that motion is detected within a certain range and then an e-mail with pictures sent to an appropriate mail address. This way you always have control over who or what is in front of your door or in the yard. 
The data and pictures recorded by the Sallegra® IP Video Server can be viewed at any time via a web browser on the computer, furthermore, there is also an Android App available for mobile devices.

The Sallegra® IP Video Server is delivered fully configured for your requirements and installation, which instantly makes your IP intercom system to a monitoring system.

Recording of multiple pictures when a motion is detected
- View multiple video cameras simultaneously
- Live-streaming webcam (with multipart / x-mixed-replace)
- Real-time creation of MPEG movies
- Takes pictures automatically at regular intervals
- Takes pictures automatically at irregular intervals (via cron)
- Execution of external commands in case of motions
   (e.g. send SMS or e-mail, post to Twitter, copy FTP)
- User-defined and user configurable display
- Control via browser (older versions use XML-RPC)

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