System components

KNX Presence sensors

In-wall or surface mount

Presence sensor is a KNX occupancy detector with integrated function of motion detection and light evaluation. Up to four different operating modes are possible:
the first is standard semi-automatic or fully automatic mode (switching), the second is a semi-automatic or fully automatic mode with the constant adjustment of brightness (dimming), the third is the slave mode and the fourth is permanent adjustment of the light (control of light is not dependent on presence).

Two target values are set (specified in Lux) and a reference value remains fixed (specified in %). The values can be modified using a communication object. Soft Start for passing information to light setting. Reflectivity for a better adjustment to environmental conditions. HVAC channels activated by push button.

Motion detection:
The Presence Detector is based on a passive, heat-sensing infrared system, which registers heat movements.

Light evaluation:
The Presence Detector measures the light value ( inlux) and provides data to the KNX bus; this value can then be used to switch lights on when the occupancy detector detects motion and the light value is below a target value. This data can also be used to set a dimming value to a dimmer in order to mantain a target light value.

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KNX-DMX Interface

KNX-DMX512 Interface

The KNX-DMX Gateway is an Interface between the KNX bus and the DMX512 bus. It combines elements of building automation with a lighting and special effects devices for every need. The KNX-DMX Gateway is unidirectional, receives data telegrams on the KNX bus and transmits the data onto the DMX512 bus. The interface allows the DMX512 actuators to communicate via the KNX bus using the full range of the channel.

The KNX-DMX Gateway contains 8 adjustable sequence positions within the whole channel range. Scenarios of all 512 channels can be configu- red and managed with KNX group addresses. The sequences are saved internally and can be retrieved even after a power outage. (A sequence can only be saved 10000 times during the lifetime of the device. The automatic save function should not be set for short intervals).

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Electricity meter

Energy Meter 80 A Monophase with KNX Interface

Active energy meters for single phase AC with LCD display backlight for the displays of values, an input for switching rates between 2 and direct connection to 80A. The values of instantaneous power, KW / KVA h and score for tariff 1 and 2, are sent via the supplied KNX bus interface.

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Energy Meter 63 A three phase with KNX Interface

Active energy meter for three phase alternating with a backlight LCD display for displaying the values, an input for switching rates between 2 rates and direct connection to 63 A. The values of instantaneous power, KW / KVA h and scored for rate 1 and 2, are sent via the supplied KNX bus interface.

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USB - IP - IP router interface / KNX

These devices allow communication between computers, IP devices with KNX bus system.

USB / KNX interface
KNX / USB 1.1 or 2 interfaces for direct connection to your computer.

IP / KNX interface
KNX / IP interface for direct or LAN connection, for programming or monitoring the KNX system..

IP Router / KNX interface
KNX / IP router is used for connectionless and simultaneous transmission of KNX telegrams to various devices. It can also be used as a KNX bus system programming interface.

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Power supply / coupler

Power supply 160 mA – 320 mA – 640 mA

Power supply for generating the bus voltage on a line with a max. current of 160, 320 or 640 mA depending on the model. With integrated throttle to decouple the power supply from the bus. Connection via screw terminals. Mounting on DIN rails EN 50022. Connection via bus terminal block.

KNX line coupler

The BUS LINE COUPLER KNX can be used as a line coupler to connect a line to a main line or as background coupler to connect a main line to a branch line. The KNX line coupler supports long messages (up to 250 bytes) and provides configurable activation of a special function via a button on the front, which is very useful during the installation & commissioning phase or during adjustment.

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