KNX 4-Channel Dimmer RGBWL

4-channel dimmer to regulate RGB + white LED modules

The RGBWL-K is an electronic constant voltage 4-channel dimmer which allows control and regulation of 10 to 24 V DC LED strip modules or any other low voltage lamps.

It has been designed for precise digital control, receiving orders through the KNX bus, including the possibility of controlling each channel individually or the 3 or 4 channels simultaneously for RGB or RGBW applications.

The dimming time (successive on/off lighting) can be configured individually for each channel. The RGB mode allows particular colour to be selected by dimming with pushbuttons or directly with any colour palette and then modifying the brightness of the chosen colour or individual channels.

The device permits the programming scenes and sequences and incorporates an advanced logic unit with 8 blocks of comparison, logic and arithmetic operations as well as timers and counter blocks.

4 regulation channels that can be controlled individually or simultaneously with RGBW features
- Up to 8 scenes with memory function
- Up to 8 programmable sequences with the possibility of simultaneous execution
- Pulse with Modulation (PWM) dimming method
- Short-circuit and overload protection
- Last position memory in case of power failure
- 8 arithmetic and logic unit blocks and 8 timers and counter blocks
- Mounting: Lighting or ceiling integration

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