Eelectron Touchpanel KNX & Thermostat

The Eelecta touch panel display: powerful control in an unmistakable form. The color display can be used to control dimming, status, values, lighting, blinds and timers and can be password protected if required. The built-in temperature sensor is used to control clock or chrono or fancoil control functions. DMX colored LEDs or lamps are controlled by the optional DMX gateway, load control with automatic load cut-off is done by the optional power meter. Based on Linux® OS and ETS programmable, the 3.5" touch panel is equipped with an LED display and a buzzer for alarm functions.

- Switching on and dimming of lighting
- Display of the switching status in buildings
- Control of different devices in the KNX bus
- Operation of blinds/shutters
- Audible and visual alarm functions
- Display of motion detector alarms as plain text
- Display and adjustment of heating controller
- Control of multi-room audio systems
- Display of the temperature
- Weekly timer

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