7" Touch Panel with Wi-Fi connectivity and integrated web server

Control and monitoring of all KNX devices

This Bes module is a colour touch screen to control and monitor an installation using 3D plans, photographs, user-friendly icons, etc. It enables control of the installation via the Internet using a conventional web browser or by applications available for iOS, Android and Samsung Smart TV. This screen also has Wi-Fi connection to update itself to the latest software version from our server or to show meteorological forecasts.

It allows programming of annually timed events and fast access to control different devices. It is also possible to program scenes, arm/disarm the intruder alarm or activate/deactivate the presence simulation.
Features and functions:

- 7" colour capacitive touch screen with Wi-Fi connectivity and integrated web server
- Admits 16 control plans
- Enables 100 scenes as well as annual times
- Allows graphical editing of own scenes
- Allows intruder alarm activation/deactivation using an access code
- Technical alarms advise through icons and screen messages
- Presence simulation
- Meteorological forecasts
- Automatic software updates via the internet
- Mounting: Surface mounting / Flush mounting with box (included) / On universal distribution box,
  screwed on wall / Easily mounting on plasterboard wall


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