Access control

TE00A - Transponder Encoder USB black

The programming card is a transponder that reads / writes transponder cards or items. The device is fitted in a table container with 3 modules, and is equipped with a USB for the connection to a PC. It is back lighted for signalling transponder reading or writing. The reader / writer is powered up through the USB port of the PC, which must be provided with the appropriate software to allow the following read/write data: system code, password and date.

TH22A - Transponder Holder without Support Frame

The TH22AxxKNX transponder holder is an EIB / KNX device fitted in rectangular boxes with 2 or 3 modules, and can be used for detecting and monitoring the presence of customers or service staff in a room. A range of colours is available for plastic housing, and glass finishes can be ordered separately, and it can be connected to all types of environments. The device has two physical ON / OFF inputs for controlling an open / close door contact or other signals (e.g. window contacts, bathroom alarm pulls, etc.). On the device there are two relays to control the door lock and to control the " courtesy lighting ", or for any other freely configurable use. The front of the transponder is illuminated if no light is available (for dark locations), goes out if the card is invalid, and flashes for 3 seconds if access is not allowed. Card validation is made by checking the following data: -"number system", if the code is coherent, it verifies the "date" field (if enabled) to verify validity (if this hasn’t expired). It then checks the "password" with all the associated and enabled codes (time, customer number, service number). If all the conditions matched, then is possible to open the door and, if set, turns on the courtesy light and sends the result to the bus. Configuration via ETS.


TR32Ax9KNX - Transponder Reader with Bell

The LEDs and icons can be configured in association with other alarms or events. The transponder reader can reads cards or keys at a maximum distance of 30mm from the front side.

The access control follows a sequence where the “build number” has been checked at first, then the “data” to check if it has been elapsed or not, next the password ID for client/ guest/service identification, then the enabled entrance timing window. In case card reading pass all checks the door is opened and, if set, the courtesy light inside is switched on. At the same time the Transponder Holder can send the reading response to the bus.
The device configuration for commissioning in terms of physical address, group addresses and parameters is done with ETS ( Engineering Tool Software) through a download of the Application Program.



Dimensions and characteristics of the Card:
Complies with ISO 7810 (85.6 x 54 x 0.76 mm)
Possibility of serigraphy on both sides (on request)
Dual technology version (RFID and magnetic stripe on request)



Dimensions and characteristics of Key chains:
Dimensions and Material: ABS 38 x 34 x 6 mm
Frequency: 125KHz
Operational temperature: -10 ° C to 50 ° C

What are the advantages of digital access control over conventional keys?

The main advantage is certainly that you no longer need a classic key. This improves your comfort and, of course, the security of the building, whose locking system often has to be replaced if a normal key is lost. In this respect, the digital solution is also associated with a financial advantage. In addition, the digital solution also makes it possible to set time and day restrictions according to individual needs. For example, you can restrict the access of the cleaning staff of a property to their shift times.

Is the installation of an electronic access control system really so complex and expensive?

No. Not at all. Here it is important to consider the comparison to a conventional locking system. If the locking system for a large administrative building of a company has to be replaced due to a lost key, this becomes obvious. In addition, digital "keys" can be replaced at any time at low cost. The handling of access authorisation also becomes easier. While you have to request the key from a former employee, a digital card code can simply be reprogrammed or invalidated.

How can NFC technology be used for access control?

NFC technology is a classic smart technology, as it is also known from the classic smart home solutions. This means that it is possible to open a door with a mobile phone, even if the smart phone has the NFC function. The convenience of the digital installation is therefore really pleasing - and the mobile phone is always with you, while the key can be left in the flat.

What are the advantages of professional access control?

With professional access control, you have logs of every door opening made in the property or in a particular room. Security in rooms with sensitive contents can therefore be guaranteed particularly well. In addition, time and day restrictions can be easily regulated. The effort required to issue access authorisations to a large number of people is also significantly less than that required to distribute keys.

Can I still close my door with a key?

This is of course also possible in principle. The prerequisite for this is that a classic locking cylinder has also been installed in the relevant doors. Anyone using this hybrid variant of door opening should, however, be aware that a loss of key generates the risk that the digital variant is intended to eliminate.

Is it safe to open my doors digitally?

Of course. The systems are secure, which has been transparently proven by extensive tests. On the one hand, security is guaranteed by the fact that authorised persons can open the respective doors digitally at any time. On the other hand, it can be excluded that unauthorised persons can obtain the code with which the door opening can be triggered.

What happens in the event of a power failure?

The disadvantage of digital access control is, of course, that without electricity, electrical devices will not work. However, you can create additional security here by installing a UPS. The problem can be solved elegantly with an uninterruptible power supply.

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