Sallegra Database Server Serie 2020

The Sallegra® Automation Database Server manages and stores all data in a SQL database for a longer period of 1 to 3 years. All processes are logged in the event log. All data is made available centrally and is available to the administrator for analysis. The data can be exported to an Excel file and printed out. The system is maintenance-free due to the realization without fan and hard disk. The Sallegra® Automation Visual Controller is designed for 24 hour continuous operation.

- Easy mounting on DIN rail TS35l
- Compact design
- All necessary gateways already on board
- Fanless, maintenance-free and can be installed in all positions
- Maximum energy savings through perfect optimization of all
- Silent thanks to converting cooling
- Sallegra® Automation control software

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Satelco Article number 10720