Satelco 2WIRE Network extension

IP anywhere from now on

The Satelco 2Wire is a converter that allows you to connect any IP device along a two-wire or coaxial line, even in an analogue environment, or in a place with limited IP infrastructure. The major advantage is that you only need one cable for the transmission of data and power.

The Satelco 2Wire convertor allows you to use existing twowire or coaxial cabling from your original door bell or door intercom to connect any IP equipment. No configuration is required, and you only need one 2N® 2Wire unit at each end of the cable, where at least one of them is connected to a power source. The Satelco 2Wire unit then provides PoE power not only to the second converter, but also to all other connected IP equipment.

- Simple, fast installation
- Single cable for power and data transfer
- Power for connected IP devices over PoE up to a range of 305 m

DOWNLOAD Data sheet - Satelco Article number 11397

Sallegra® DALI Interface RS232 PS/S

Interface for DALI systems

- Combines interface module and DALI power supply
- Integrated power supply with 240 mA for DALIdevices or -control
  modules without power supply
- Interface module for connection of DALI systems with Sallegra®
  automation systems
- For installation in switching cabinets
- 5-year guarantee

 DOWNLOAD Datasheet - Satelco Article number 10666