GSM Scout Professional

Surveillance and remote control as well as positioning by SMS from and to your mobile phone/ smartphone

The GSM Scout Professional is a professional solution for monitoring objects. Via the connected sensors the device detects e.g. burglaries, emerging fire, flood or other serious events. They are sent immediately via SMS to any mobile phone and you are able to take immediate counter-measures. The system is simply set via the stored phone numbers on the SIM card and is immediately ready for use.

It is also possible to activate the relay outputs via SMS. Thus, a wide variety of devices on board can be switched on and off. By GPS the GSM Scout Professional is capable of capturing the location of the object and send an SMS in the event of an unauthorised movement in the area.

Technical features:
- Convenient connecting via screwed contacts
- No special software required
- Easy setting via the SIM card
- GPS via SMS, Geofencing
- Transfer of credit for prepaid cards
- Variable alarm texts possible
- Programming via SMS
- 4 contacts by SMS
- 2 relay switching contacts
- Internal lithium-ion battery

To be able to use the GSM Scout Professional you need:
SIM card (prepaid or fixed contract)
- Power supply 11-35 V DC, Antenna
- Sensors

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