Alarmdialer AD-8 GSM

  • 8 alarm inputs/4 relays
  • Repeat alarm
  • Alarm acknowledgement
  • Different day and night destinations
  • SIM-card not included
  • Without backup battery

The AD-8 GSM Alarm Dialer is a simple alarm system that can manage up to eight alarm contacts. Own messages and texts can be defined for each alarm. The four relays can be used to switch various external devices on and off. When an event occurs, the corresponding assigned persons are notified via voice message, SMS or pager. If required, a relay can be activated. The alarm sequence can be regulated differently for each input. Up to eight destinations with different alarm types (voice, SMS or pager) can be assigned to the same potential-free contact. A total of 20 memory spaces are available for different alarm destinations. Depending on the alarm destination, the protocol type (voice, SMS or pager) is assigned. A destination number may consist of max. 16 characters. If necessary, an external timer can be connected via the eighth alarm input to switch from day to night-time mode. To stop all alarms on site, an external button can be connected to the eighth contact.


  • Voice alarm with acknowledgment
  • Short messaging (SMS) (comprehensive reference text with max. 46 characters)
  • Telephone siren
  • Day/night-time mode or emergency button
  • Remote control