2N® Intercom / Broadcasting / Audio over IP

Announcements made easy!

Whether ski lift or auditorium, school or shopping centre, public address systems everywhere can be operated via the telecommunications system. Open up New Business Opportunities through the use of 2N SIPSpeaker modules in the existing LAN/WAN network. 

Audio-over-IP solutions enable announcements and audio streaming via the network and facilitate central administration as well as access time control and subdivision into zones.

The device can be used in e.g. medical practices, shopping centres, offices, public buildings, universities, security zones or workshops. Using the VoIP Gateway even remote sites such as car parks, ski lifts or bus stations can be surfed acoustically via GSM/UMTS mobile communications.

The Satelco product range provides two interesting IP/SIP audio module switch, in combination with the existing network or the IPX communication system, permit creative customers solutions hitherto the sole preserve of specialist audio system manufacturers. They enable the transmission of internet, radio as well as any kind of audio signals as point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions via IP networks.