Satelco Exclusive Line IP external call sation with camera and palm vein scanner

Elegant design combined with the latest IP technology

The Satelco Exclusive Line® IP video intercom is timeless in design, weatherproof and suited for both traditional and modern entrances.

The robust front panel of the intercom is made of anodised aluminium and equipped with a ball-head colour camera, loudspeaker, microphone, two pushbuttons, two nameplates and a palm vein scanner.
The scanner detects the vein pattern beneath the skin on the palm through non-contact measurement via near infrared radiation (less than a remote control). This is unique to each person and includes detailed characteristics. However, the sensor only detects the pattern if blood is flowing in the veins (live recognition). Unlike many other biometric systems which work with external features, the palm vein scanner uses the veins hidden inside the body for identification and authentication. This scanner can be used both in the private as well as in the business environment. This combined with the uniqueness of the vein patterns offers the highest levels of security and thus replaces keys, badges, cards, codes, etc.

Palm vein biometric applications save time and cost, simplify processes, provide security and are easy to use.

Residential complexes
- Integration in letterbox systems
- Hotels
- Banks
- Specially protected zones
- Hospitals, clinics
- Access to car parks etc.

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Frequently asked questions about the hand vein scanner

What are the advantages of handheld vein scanner?

The use of a palm vein scanner is associated with a whole range of convincing advantages for private requirements, companies and public institutions. For example, access can be requested quickly - in the truest sense of the word - in the blink of an eye and is immediately granted or denied. The radiation of infrared is lower than that of the remote control and therefore harmless to health. With the hand vein scanning method, chip cards or similar access elements are dispensable. This prevents such elements from being lost and thus the security of a property is no longer guaranteed. Counterfeiting of cards is also no longer a problem. As with fingerprints, palm veins are a unique feature.

When does a biometric access procedure make sense?

A biometric access method is particularly suitable if a security-relevant area is to be protected against access by unauthorised third parties. The security needs of the respective persons, companies or institutions are decisive for this. For one person, it is important that the residential building is secured to a high standard, while the entrepreneur may want important data to be protected. Properties containing valuables benefit from a biometric scan, as do medical facilities. Satelco's palm vein scanners can also provide valuable services in the judicial and administrative sectors as part of their sophisticated security technology.

How secure is this access method?

Access control via the biometrically functioning palm vein scanner is very secure. This is because the vein pattern under the skin of the palm is unique and therefore unmistakable. It cannot be forged - like a card with a code, for example. In addition, the palm scanner only works when blood is flowing through the veins. Access authorisation by scan can therefore only be implemented if a living object has been scanned. It is therefore not possible to simply scan a copy of a palm vein pattern.

Are handheld vein scanners used frequently?

Yes, and more and more frequently. Today, unauthorised access to real estate is registered again and again, so that the need for security makes the use of palm vein scanners possible across the board. In the private sector, it is mainly residential complexes and luxurious areas that are secured. The palm vein scanner is also becoming more and more popular as an access control system for companies. In public, especially medical facilities, the palm vein scanner for access control has also become a welcome investment for an extra plus in security. The method is also much more convenient for the people authorised to enter, as there is no need to rummage around for cards or IDs. The access authorisations can also be easily adapted to new requirements by the owners or companies, so that everyone benefits from the palm vein scanners.